CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. It is an alternative, locally-based model of food distribution in which you purchase a “share” in our farm, and receive a weekly share of the season’s bounty. In the winter and spring, CSA Members pay in advance for a share of food to be grown during the upcoming season. Members share in the bounty of productive seasons, as well as the risk of less abundant years.

Farming is risky business and CSA Members’ direct investment in sustainable agriculture helps guarantee the presence of the Breezy Willow farm in our Maryland community. 

Breezy Willow Farm offers CSA memberships for not only multiple growing seasons, but also multiple CSA share sizes AND pick-up locations. 

You have your family doctor, your dentist, even your mechanic, shouldn’t you have your farmer too?


Our market-style pick-up CSA share contains a wide variety of fresh seasonal farm grown fruits and vegetables. We have several pick-up locations in Howard County throughout the week. Signs will let you know which fruits and veggies you’ll hand pick to fill your own bag with, and someone will always be there to answer any questions you have.

Current Season Crop List VIEW SEASONAL CROP LIST



Our vegetables and fruits are the freshest possible. We focus on growing the highest quality produce that changes with the season to you coupled with helping our local community. 

We use sustainable and ecologically sound organic and natural growing methods 

to produce our product while maintaining great respect and care for the land and the livelihood of farming. We look forward to providing you with the best product spring, summer and fall.


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