Kata Crea

Perfect! We share the CSA with our neighbors because you get so much food. Every week we pick up farm fresh eggs, milled flour bread and 8 items of vegetables and fruit. Each month you get 1 extra item from the store. I did the math and it costs less then any of the stores around here. Monday you get an e-mail about the items send. A 2nd e-mail with recipes follows right after. What I love about it, is finding new recipes to cook with the more less usual items like Kohlrabi. You also can go to, or order from the store and get a discount.
This is a perfect program for any health conscious family.
Sandy English
We have been members of Breezy Willow CSAs (both early bird and summer!) for about 4 years and I can’t say enough great things about them. Not only is the quality of the produce and eggs amazing (and organic!), the people there are lovely. In the 4 years we’ve been members, I’ve never had a bad experience. I’ve grown to appreciate the Caulder family and what they bring to the community. The only down side, to be honest, is that I have become a vegetable snob. After 36 weeks of amazing produce each year, I look at the sad grocery store produce and miss my farm fresh veggies. Thankfully, my farmers always let me buy extras during the season and I freeze as much as I can for those non-CSA months.

Seriously, if you are thinking of joining a CSA, I highly recommend Breezy Willow. If you are not ready for the full CSA experience, go visit the farm store on weekends. I promise that you will be impressed and will walk away with fabulous eggs, cheese, produce and other goodies made there at the farm.

Jim Adomine

Very Friendly and excellent produce!


Local Harvest 

Michelle Domangue  

We have just finished our third year as participants in Breezy Willow Farm’s early-season CSA (March to May). We keep returning because the quality is high and the owners and staff are very accommodating. We’re about to take the plunge and sign up for the regular season so that we don’t have to miss out on more excellent produce!

“Best CSA out there” 
I have been a Breezy Willow customer for years and I can tell you that it is THE best CSA around, if you are interested in locally grown organic produce. Each weekly share contains a variety of fruits and veggies along with a dozen eggs and a loaf of bread! The amount of food provided each week is easily more than enough to feed a family of four, and always contains a colorful assortment of items. The broccoli, tomatoes, and corn in the summer are incredible. There is nothing better than knowing where the food that you are feeding your family is coming from, and supporting local business at the same time. The Caulders are a wonderful family who take the time to know their customers, and show their appreciation by including special items once a month in your share. If you need to supplement your fruits and veggies with local meat and other local items, such as ice cream, cheese, and much more, the farm store has it all. I cannot recommend Breezy Willow farm highly enough!

“My First Experience a huge success” 

This was the first time I finally decided to participate in a local CSA. After looking around, I decided on Breezy Willow Farm because of the variety of both fruit and veggies and I loved the weekly allotment of eggs and bread choice! My grocery bill was a quarter of what it usually is and my weekly trip turned into every other week for essentials.

Not only does Breezy Willow Farm offer the fresh food, they make sure that every week you know a few days in advance what is coming AND find you delicious, new recipes to try! This makes hating beats very, very difficult! 🙂

One week I couldn’t pick up my allotment so went out to the farm to pick it up on Saturday. JOY! They had my stash ready and it was as fresh as could be!

LOVED this experience and have signed up for summer!

One more thing, the shares are very generous! We are a small family and I had so much food each week I was able to share with a local family in need. Grateful, Eating Healthier and Happy!

“Extremely Satisfied, Very “Senior” Citizen!” 
Dorthy Kelly 

Having participated in Breezy Willow Farm CSA for the past year, after having been away from Maryland since 2003, I want to heartily “ditto” all the reviews posted. 

Before moving from Maryland, I had gardened in Baltimore County for about 20 or 25 years, growing many vegetables and some berries, plus lots of flowers. My growing practices were “organic” before the word became the “in” way to garden.

Since I mostly cook for one person now, I can attest to the fact that using the fresh, organic foods from Breezy Willow saves me money – the greens (lettuce, spinach, etc). last me at least twice as long with no spoilage, as the same grocery store-bought items. 

Another Benefit of Sustainable Practices – Less Waste!


“Thrilled with Breezy Willow’s CSA” 
Donna Sudbrook 

My family of 4 has been a part of the Breezy Willow farm’s June – November CSA for 3 of the past 4 years. Great service, great fruits and vegetables, great eggs, great bread, great extras like Strawberry Butter jam and Apple Butter … I always get the feeling that they are working overtime to make their CSA experience an excellent one.

Even though I am a bare minimum cook, the CSA is helping us move to much healthier eating. I’ve heard it said that “you either pay more for your food or more for your health care”. I love knowing that there are no GMOs, no crazy use of pesticides, heritage seeds, good farming practices, etc.. etc.. However, I think we are saving money overall by eating our CSA food and not eating out.

It is amazing how very good fresh vegetables taste. It is also giving my children, my husband and I great exposure to a few new vegetables along with the favorites.

This year we are also trying out their Early Bird (March – May) CSA.


“Breezy Willow Farm The Best Farm Ever”

Mariya T
I have been coming to Breezy Willow Farm for over 5 years and every time my visit was special and exciting. Every item that their CSA offers is fresh, healthy, local, and responsibly grown. More importantly, it always tastes good, whether it is fruit and veggies, eggs, cheese, or cookies! This is the kind of quality that is impossible to find in a large chain store. With Breezy Willow Farm’s help I eat better, I get more vitamins, and I feel good about supporting local farmers. I love the fact that Breezy Willow Farm regularly posts healthy recipes on its website and Facebook page, so people, who are challenged in the kitchen as I am, can learn how to make delicious meals. Me and my boyfriend have also been a huge fan of the soaps and body products made by RJ Caulder. The soaps are gentle on your skin, have tons of good ingredients, and they smell heavenly. The shea butter body bliss lotions have completely transformed my skin, even during the times of winter blues. The best thing about Breezy Willow Farm, however, are the people. It is a family owned business, and you can just tell that these guys love what they do. Every product that you get at the Farm carries the kindness and warmth of their hearts and every trip there is like a little holiday. You should come visit too!

“Best decision we ever made”
David Braslow 
My wife and I were looking for a way to eat healthy and lose weight. We decided to join a CSA. We looked at many of them in the area. We ended up choosing Breezy Willow. There were less expensive deals out there but we are very glad we didn’t choose one of those programs. The reason is the longer you are in the program, the more you desire variety. Breezy Willow offered the most variety of veggies and fruit. In addition we would receive some of the best bread we ever ate and fresh eggs. We also had the opportunity to buy meats, cheeses, soaps and much more. This became our main source of food. Since we would receive fresh veggies every week, there was no time for junk food. By the time we were done eating the weeks load, we were ready to pick up the next batch. Between the good eats and working out, I lost 35 lbs and am in the best shape of my life. If you are trying to eat healthy, but you don’t want to be stuck with the same old same old every week, pick Breezy Willow!!

“Quality Produce at affordable pricing”
Kari Greenwalt
I joined this CSA two years ago upon the recommendation of a friend. The quantity and variety of produce has been wonderful, especially for someone on a small budget. I like that the family has started to include recipes for every item offered each week – it’s even better now that they’ve started sending those recipes via email. The eggs each week are wonderfully fresh and make the fluffiest omelets I’ve ever had. I like the wide variety of bread offered each week – you never get bored with the “same old thing.” I really enjoy clipping my own herbs in the summer – I hadn’t realized the difference of cooking with fresh herbs, its more flavorful and a side benefit has been using less salt! The family that runs the program is so nice and friendly, that it keeps you wanting to come back each week. My family really missed the produce in the winter, so we are excited to be part of the first winter CSA. No more awesomely-fresh produce withdraw! =)

“We love Breezy Willow CSA”
Jill Thomassen 

We joined Breezy Willow CSA two years ago after a friend joined and told me how great it was. She was right and we have been happy customers ever since. Every week we look forward to finding out what will be included in the week’s share. The produce, as well as the bread, is always fresh and delicious (and abundant), and the eggs are soooo much tastier than those from the store. We have also received items such as jam, honey, cheese, ice cream, fancy mustard and hand made soap (you’ll never go back to regular soap after you try it). It is really helpful that recipes are available and we have discovered some new vegetables that we might not ever have tried, had it not been for the CSA. Keep up the great work. We really appreciate it!!!!!

“The Best” 
Chris Tucker 

This is our first year with a CSA, and hopefully many more. I already signed up for the Spring Session (March – May) and I’m beginning to fret about where to get great produce from Dec – March!

Portions are generous – It’s a value added CSA, which means I can buy my meat, chicken, cheese there as well (and the cheese is DELICIOUS!) I am so, so spoiled. Herbs and hot peppers are offered every week free of charge in addition to your weekly share.

I love the variety of produce – I love the fact that I can choose my own – I don’t need gigantic apples if I don’t want them. I never have to worry about a mass egg recall, and the produce is all IPM or organic. How much better can you get?

The people at Breezy Willow are always helpful, informative, and willing to work with you. If they have an abundance of something, you can usually buy extra at a reasonable price.

I think it’s the best CSA in the HoCo area 🙂

“Breezy Willow Farm RULES!”
Adam Yeargin
My wife and I have been a part of this CSA for several years now, including a couple of winter/early bird seasons. We have always been impressed with the quality and quantity of produce included in our weekly share. We have been introduced to new veggies, or new varieties, in addition to kitchen staples such as onions and potatoes. We can not imagine going without our CSA at this point. Thank you so much to Breezy Willow for this opportunity.