“The story of how the mother started making sheep and goat’s milk soap with her kids in Howard County 4H Clubs is a heartwarming one that speaks to the enduring appeal of handmade soap and the joy that can be found in creating something beautiful and useful with one’s own hands.

It all began when Rose Caulder and her children Jason and Casey joined the Howard County 4H Clubs, an organization dedicated to youth development and education through hands-on learning experiences. As part of their involvement in the club, they learned about different projects they could take on, including soap making.
Rose was intrigued by the idea of making soap, and she decided to give it a try with her children. They started out with a simple recipe experimenting with different ingredients and techniques, including using sheep and goat’s milk in their soap.

The addition of sheep and goat’s milk gave their soap a creamy, luxurious texture and extra moisturizing properties, making it ideal for people with sensitive or dry skin. Rose quickly fell in love with the process of making soap, and she began sharing her creations with friends and family.

Word soon spread about their unique and high-quality soap, and they started receiving requests for more. Rose realized that she had stumbled upon a real passion and a potential business opportunity, and she began selling her soap at local markets and craft fairs.

Today, Jason a second generation soap maker with his passion for soap making, continues to make the highest quality soap and body products, using only the finest natural ingredients and traditional techniques.