General CSA FAQs

Why are CSAs so important/popular?

Since 98% of Americans don’t grow their own food, it has to come from outside sources – usually the grocery store and/or nationwide delivery services. This drastically impacts how far food must travel from where it is grown to where it is consumed. Not only do these increased transportation times impact our environment by adding to pollution, but also our own health, as produce picked much earlier than at peak freshness contains less vitamins and minerals, and/or  has preservatives and chemicals added to maintain freshness. The closer your food is grown to you, the fresher and healthier it is, the less it has to travel, and the better it is for the environment. For more information on eating locally (Be A Locavore!), we really like Plenty (The 100 Mile Diet) by Alisa Smith and J.B. MacKinnon

Is a CSA right for me/my family?

Do you enjoy cooking at home on a regular basis? Trying new fresh local fruits and vegetables regularly? Have you never met a vegetable you didn’t like? If so, then we think you’ll love our CSA Program. Do you only like to experiment in the kitchen occasionally? Are you or your family members very picky and very resistant to try new things?  If so, then shopping at our farmers market and country store are better options for you. That way you can still find what you need on a regular basis, but you can also try new things slowly and at your own pace.

What's In a Typical CSA Share?

A good example of a Full CSA Summer Share is: 1 pint blueberries, 3lbs of peaches, 1 quart of tomatoes, 2lbs of green beans, 6 ears of corn, 1 bunch of beets, 2lbs of summer squash, and 2-3 cucumbers.

A good example of a Medium CSA Summer Share is: 3 of lbs peaches, 1 quart of tomatoes, 6 ears of corn, 1 bunch of beets, and 2-3 cucumbers.

Always keep in mind that the produce offered in a share will change throughout the season.

Why do you partner with other farms?

We partner with other locally owned family farms to provide our members with the fruits and vegetables we do not grow, specifically tree fruit and corn, which is a win-win for our members!  

CSA Pick-up Location Questions

What happens if I need to miss/skip a week?

Nothing to worry about! We are flexible too and will work with you to make up the missed items the following week.  If possible, let us know a few days in advance. We’ll donate whatever you missed that week to the local Howard County Food Bank.

Can I have someone pick up for me if I can't make it?

Definitely! Just have the person picking up for you give us your name at the sign-in.

What if I don't like a particular fruit or veggie?

We have you covered. There will always be a trade box available for you to swap out for something else you prefer.

Delivery FAQs

What day will I receive my home delivery?

Home delivery is on Fridays.

How do bread choices work with home delivery?

Our CSA members have the option to set a standing bread request for the season or to choose a weekly variety throughout the season.

Should I have a cooler outside on my delivery day?

Definitely!  We recommend a large cooler with cold packs to keep everything safe from the summer heat.

Do I need to be home during delivery?

Nope – we’re not the cable company 🙂 Just leave your cooler we take care of the rest.