Pickup Locations

Each season has different pickup locations. Please make sure you read season details for more information.


Breezy willow farm

East Columbia Library

Breezy Willow Farm Country Market

Breezy Willow Farm Country Market

Scholorship Dr. Next to the main quad


CSA Pickup Location Questions

You may contact us to upgrade your weekly order. Depending on the season you can choose one of our value added packages. Bread & Eggs – Weekly In addition to your fresh, local, seasonal produce, we also offer 1 dozen pasture-raised eggs and a freshly milled premium bread from one of our local bakeries Eggs Only – Weekly 1 dozen pasture-raised eggs Value Added – Weekly You’ll will also receive a rotation of farm fresh cheese, specialty jams, granola and other local specialty items. Soap-scription: As a part of the soap-scription you will save 20% on your favorite 6 bars of handcrafted soap. Prior to the start of the CSA we will email you a list of all the available choices and we will then deliver them to you with your first CSA pick-up. That’s all there is to it. Our handmade soap will last you on average 2 weeks because they are made with all natural products such as olive oil, coconut oil, sustainable palm oil, shea butter, and goats milk. They do not contain parabens, alcohol, petroleum, or preservatives, which are commonly found in commercially made soap. Honey share: Here is your chance to lock in local honey from our hives for the entire season. You will receive four 1lb jars of honey, spaced evenly throughout the season, beginning in early June with the start of the summer CSA. If you love local honey and all of its benefits, this is a great opportunity to assure your honey pot never goes dry at a great discounted price. CONTACT US
Nothing to worry about! We are flexible too and will work with you to make up the missed items the following week.  If possible, let us know a few days in advance. We’ll donate whatever you missed that week to the local Howard County Food Bank.
Definitely! Just have the person picking up for you give us your name at the sign-in.
We have you covered. There will always be a trade box available for you to swap out for something else you prefer.