Know your farmer - Know your food

Long before “eat locally” became a catchphrase, Rose Caulder and her family were eating their own homegrown vegetables and preserving them for winter meals. Rose began gardening in earnest in 1984, when she and her husband Kenny and their two young children moved to their home near the intersection of Old Frederick Road and Md. 32. The garden expanded, and a few years later, daughter Casey sold the extras at the stand she set up in front of their house. 

The business grew into Breezy Willow Farm, and in 2004, the Caulders started a Community Supporter Agriculture (CSA) program, back when CSAs were an anomaly. Today, Breezy Willow sells produce and homemade items at a country store and throughout the CSA.

“The Caulders,
Rose, Kenny, Casey and son Jason, along with Gene, their long-time employee, still pull weeds by hand. They also hand-harvest all the vegetables and fruits they sell. “

Some of the land here, at Breezy Willow’s Farm is certified organic. Even the crops not grown organically are cultivated with organic and natural pest controls and without chemical pesticides and fertilizers in a system known as integrated pest management (IPM).  

Breezy Willow Farm has become a local hub for the sustainable food community. With the Caulder family at its core, the community encompasses over 800 families who support our farm CSA and the country market.       

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