Q: What happens if I'm away on vacation and unable to pick up my share?

A: Nothing to worry about! We are flexible too and will work with you to make up the missed items the following week.

Q: Can I have someone pick up for me if I can't make it? 

A: Of course, just have them sign in for you at your scheduled pick up.

Q: What if I don't like a particular fruit or veggie?

A: We have you covered. There will always be a trade box available for you to swap out for something else you prefer. 

Q:What day will I receive my home delivery?

A:Home delivery is on Fridays.

Q: How do bread choices work with home delivery?

A: Members will have the option to set a standing bread request for the season or opt for a weekly variety throughout the season.

Q: Should I have a cooler outside on my delivery day?

A: Yes . We recommend a large cooler with cold packs to keep everything safe from the summer heat .

Q: Do I need to be home during delivery ?

A: No. Just leave your cooler we take care of the rest.


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